Mini Popper Plate


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Product Code: RMS002-PL

Description: Mini Popper plate. (Requires a base)


Material: 3/8”AR500

Weight: 16.5 lbs.

Size: 8” x 28”

Customer Reviews

Great product - Fantastic customer service

I ordered 10 mini and 10 full size poppers from Ray and he had them shipped to my club in a week. They were professionally packed on a pallet that was so tight and so well secured it was a thing of beauty to look at! The poppers and bases came painted and rust free. We've got a couple hundred rounds of various pistol calibers on them and they still look great. Not even a scratch or any scoring on them on them at all. The design of separate stands and targets works better than any other popper system I've ever used. They are easy to move on the range and easy to stack and store taking up a minimal amount of space in our storage container.. They are quick and easy to configure in rear falling, forward falling or static for hard cover / practice. With this design, you're getting 3 excellent targets for the price of one! The customer service Ray provides is off the charts great! Call him on the phone or e-mail him and he answers right away. He's extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was such a pleasure doing business with him! Buy these targets - They're the best targets out there with the best customer service backing them!

Jack :: j M Y, H:i

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