• What steel is used to make Range Master Steel targets?  All of our steel targets are made with 3/8” AR500 steel.  It provides sufficient strength and impact resistance for target shooting and will provide many years of reliable service.


  • What method is used to cut the targets?   Our 3/8” AR500 steel targets are laser cut.  Laser, unlike plasma, introduces a minimal amount of damaging heat into the area surrounding the cut and produces a high-quality surface finish.  Plasma cutting, on the other hand, generates and disperses high heat into the steel and softens the edge along the cut.  That is why our targets are laser cut.


  • I have assembled my pepper popper into a forward falling configuration and after some use, it is not working as expected.What could be the problem?  If you have spray painted the bolt, locknut or catch (the “hardware”) for the forward falling assembly (reference diagram for forward falling assembly in the Documents tab), it will inhibit the catch from swinging freely and prevent the popper from falling.  The hardware is attached to the base and should not be painted when reapplying spray paint to the popper.


  • Should I wear eye and ear protection?  Always wear appropriate eye and ear protection when shooting targets.  Spectators should also wear eye and ear protection.


  • What is the recommended safe distance for target practice?  We recommend rifle fire at no less than 100 yards, shot gun slugs at no less than 50 yards, and pistol fire at no less than 10 yards from the target.  Use of armor piercing ammunition is not recommended and will void warranty. For safety sake, do not fire on targets at closer than recommended firing range. 


  • What is Range Master Steel’s warranty policy?  We warrant our AR500 plates for a period of 5 years and the popper base and all other products for 2 years, excluding normal wear of nuts, bolts, pins, bearings, springs, etc. or obvious abuse.  Defective items will be replaced at no charge to the customer, including shipping.  Note that firing on targets at closer than recommended firing range may cause damage to targets and would constitute abuse.


  • How do you ship?We ship via FedEx.  To save on shipping, you may want to consider picking your order up in Quincy, IL.  Contact me at ray.hirst56@gmail.com for details.


  • Why do I get a message at checkout that there are no suitable shipping methods available for my order?The weight of your order has exceeded the maximum shipping weight of 145 lbs. allowed by FedEx.  Please contact me at ray.hirst56@gmail.com or at 217-779-2013, and I will arrange another shipping method.


  • If I have a problem, how can I reach you?  If you have any questions or issues, please email me at ray.hirst56@gmail.com.  I will personally ensure your satisfaction with our targets.